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Just a few years ago, the idea of an event like ShareFest was only a dream among a small group of pastors in Little Rock, Arkansas, who desperately wanted to find a way for the church to demonstrate with their actions what we as Christians have been declaring with our words. ShareFest can be used as a bridge from the church to the community; A living, breathing bridge constructed of people from God’s churches that have begun to understand that when it comes to sharing God's love… actions speak much louder than words.

The first ShareFest was birthed in November 1999 in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was a vision to unite together in a strategic and visible demonstration of Christ's love for our community through a joint service and worship event. Since then, Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock has dedicated itself to teaching other churches and other communities how to conduct a successful ShareFest.

“ShareFest has truly become the catalyst that has helped many churches connect with their community and become more outwardly focused throughout the year,” stated Little Rock’s ShareFest Director, Rick Caldwell. “New relationships have been established between churches, schools, community leaders, and non-profit organizations. Other cities are already well on their way to planning their own ShareFest. Our hope is ShareFest will continue to be a blessing to the community and will even spread to hundreds of other communities throughout the country.”

The first ShareFest in New England occurred in 2004 in the greater Danbury area. It proved to be a wonderful vehicle to connect God's churches to the people of the area. It is our hope that the greater Danbury area ShareFest will set a pattern for other communities in New England - ShareFest in 2006 is expanding its borders to many surrounding towns.

Our thanks to the Nehemiah-Group and Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, AR as originators of the ShareFest model.